Tutti Island in Kreuzberg


Today I introduce you to nothing more than just the best friggin falafel place in whole of Berlin. This place is just so amazingly fresh and tasty with such a great variety of homemade sudanese specialities. We ordered a Falafel plate and Falafel Pita bread both were just ridiculous explosions of goodness available at a very fair price. The crispy Falafel in Pita bread was filled with heaps, no really with H E A P S ย of mouthwatering peanut- and sesamesauรŸe which makes this little Falafel place my new favourite “hey lets go out and eat something incredibly yummie!” place. And don’t you miss out on the Falafel plate which has aaaall this crazy good stuff like creamy aubergine paste, hummus, grilled Tofu, grilled veggies and big beans next to fresh salad and pita bread. When we finished our meal we felt like ordering it all once again just because it was so good ๐Ÿ™‚
This is a very vegan friendly eating place: all the food except the halloumi is vegan. Even the sweet datecookies which you can get for 0.50 c (!) as dessert are fully vegan. Also the owner is a really friendly dude and gives away free tea and cookies to his regular customers.
I can’t wait to go again, who’s in?

Zossener Str 17, Kreuzberg (Near U7-Gneisenaustr)
10961 Berlin
Tel: 030-52661490





Trattoria Ponte Verde

One week ago I had a fabulous dinner at Ponte Verde in Neukรถlln!
It’s a vegetarian and vegan organic restaurant and you can order nearly everything in vegan! Also most of the desserts are vegan!
The cheesecake actually was so good that I couldn’t make a picture anymore of it…. Like it happens many many times when having a dessert ๐Ÿ˜‰ but at least I could make a picture of another yummy cake, which we took there for take away ๐Ÿ™‚
Pizza and pasta can be ordered with vegan cheese. I had Pizza frutti di mare which was really good!!
It’s a really nice place where you can have a comfortable and beautiful lunch or dinner.
For opening times and prices check their website:






Trimurti Kassel

Visiting my hometown Kassel and of course checking the veggi places over here! On my way from the train station in Wilhelmshรถhe I found this vegetarian and vegan friendly Indian restaurant! You can have your food fast and for take away or you can go back in a nice eating room or even on a terrace! After telling me for all my food wishes that it don’t fits together, which was quiet funny, we finally choose the right things for me! I had my all time favorite Indian pickles with Naan and Palau, a rice vegetable dish. But careful with the pickles! My mouth is still burning! Maybe take a vegan Lassy after it, if the guys here think it fits ๐Ÿ˜‰ There is also a regular vegan table if you wanna meet up with a few vegans from Kassel! The street is Wilhelmshรถher Allee 61 in the near of the station in Kassel Wilhemshรถhe.




Ciel Azul – Santa Eulalia

I’m just sitting in the Ciel Azul which is a little restaurant and also a place to rent apartments in Santa Eulalia.
Today they have only two vegan dishes, an organic salad and Mushroom Ravioli, a few vegetarian options but also one dish with fish ๐Ÿ˜ฆ so its not really a veggie place…
But anyway a visit worth if you are in the near! While waiting for the food you can take a swim in the pool and all looks a little bit like in a fairy tale ๐Ÿ™‚
(Carrer Llevant 7, Santa Eulalia)




Pita Madre Ibiza

Just found a great place in Ibiza town!
It’s completely vegetarian with even more vegan things on the menu like vegetarian!
The food is absolutely tasty and overall even quiet cheap!
From Tapas over salads too mixed plates with Hummus, Falafel and, of course, Pita bread you find a lot of good things here!
Don’t miss this place when you are on Ibiza!!
It’s in Carrer de Manuel Sorร , near the footway up to the castle.



Out of Time – Vegetarian Restaurant in Ibiza Town

Just visited my first vegetarian restaurant in my ibiza season this year. it’s a great place to take a rest and enjoy good and healthy food!!
It’s located in Ibiza town, near the castle.
And this year, compared to the last, it has even more vegan options and a nice self made vegan cheese!
I started with a almond cinnamon milk, had then as a starter a raw-vegetable-spaghetti salad, then a veggi burger and a tasty seitan dish….
A must have seen in Ibiza for sure!!
You can take part even in yoga and meditation classes there.