About Vegan

what we do in our lives has more consequences than most of us think. Also our habits of consumption and especially food have a bigger effect than its maybe obvious at first glance. For this we decided to not eat meat, drink milk or consume any products, which come from animals. This decision has many reasons:

animals: we think its not right to support the cruel torture towards animals, which is normal today in all factory farms. Furthermore it doesn’t seem right to us that we have to kill living beings, just for the taste. Animals are sensitive, they can feel pain like everyone of us!

health: we found out that a plant-based nutrition is much more healthier and above that, it is proven by the China Study that there are a lot of bad side effects occurring from the consumption of meat and dairy products like for example: obesity, types of cancer or heart diseases.

environment: for the process of producing meat so many resources are wasted that it’s out of  proportion to the “endproduct”.  And beyond that it has so many different negative effects on our environment that its incomprehensible that there is still such a high consumption going on and even rising. Destruction of forests and fertile land, waste of water and many resources and climate change are all to name when we talk about the effects of the meat and milk industry!

people: also world hunger is in direct connection with the meat and milk industry. the overproduction in richer countries is causing that the prices of basic foods are getting higher and higher so that people of poorer countries can’t afford them anymore or keep up with the prices with their own produce.

these are only a few statements but there is so much more to say. with this blog we try to inform people who are interested in a healthy life or in animal rights, we give advice how to cook vegan,  we share our thoughts and overall we want to show how easy it is to live a life without taking part of all which was said before.


One thought on “About Vegan

  1. I really like what you said about animals being living creatures, because I really don’t think a lot of people view them as such. And yes the resources we use to kill animals just for consumption is truly wasteful. This is a good blog and I hope you keep it going. Visit me at coralspringsgreenoffers.com and we can help improve the planet.

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